června / june

About the Festival

Every year the festival features a dominant theme or one genre and a distinguished artist or other public figure.

In past years such special guests and themes were: In 2010 Václav Havel and “What paradoxes!?”; in 2011 Sir Peter Brook and “Shakespeare and the Diversity of Cultures”; in 2012 Miloš Forman and “Overlapping Genres of Theatre and Film and Social Situation in the 1960s”.

The 2013 festival theme will be “Theatre – Music – Music - Theatre”. The artistic director of the 4th festival is Stanislav Moša, the Manager of the Brno City Theatre.

The opening performance of the entire festival will be The Cunning Little Vixen, staged in the open air (Friday 7 June, 19:00, open air) coproduced by the National Theatre Brno and the Brno City Theatre. The first Festival evening will involve the so called Jugglers’ Night, i.e. street performances freely accessible to the public. The starring role in the event will be played by the Paki Paya ensemble from Belgium with their Shake, Shake, Shake (Friday 7 June, 23:00, open air).

In the following days the Main Programme will offer an opportunity to watch more than 10 foreign performances. In the main programme the festival attempts to feature all contemporary genres of musical theatre, i.e. a form of performing art that combines songs, spoken dialogue, music, and dance. The audience should therefore be able to enjoy contemporary musicals, as well as operas, dancing, and variety shows!

The artistic director of the 5th festival in 2014 will be Vlastimil Peška, the suggested theme “Comedy Theatre in the 21st Century” and the guest of honor who has been invited to act as the artistic “patron”  is Woody Allen.